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Welcome to
Villa Della Felicita

Villa in Castelsardo, North Coast, Sardinia, Italy - Central Location Just Outside Castelsardo On Northern Coast 300 Metres From The Sea Front. The Villa offer an ocean view and is located near the sea.

Our villa has been rebuilt from the ground up from an original villa dating back many years. With 5 bedrooms with their own private bathroom and 2 separated toilets, Villa Della Felicita translates to mean the Villa of Happiness and from the moment you arrive you get a feeling of contentment and happiness. We have tried to make the property light, modern and from an environmental perspective, as eco-friendly as possible which is very much in keeping with the philosophy of the overall island.


This means extra features like the latest solar power energy system (Sardinia has over 300 days of sunshine a year!), low energy hot water systems, a salt water pool (whilst more expensive to install it means you and your children can enjoy soft-water bathing with no red eye issues and best of all you are not drenched in Chlorine which is nasty stuff- the salt levels are nothing like the sea as they are very mild). We also have a comprehensive organic garden and a 350 sqm astro sports area with tennis, football, putting and much more.