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Savor the Finest: Top Vineyard Tours in Enchanting Sardinia

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Sardinia's best vineyards, where wine-making artistry and stunning landscapes converge. Our villas are ideally located to explore the region.

When it comes to wine, Sardinia is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. From ancient vineyards to modern wineries, the island's vinicultural offerings are a delight for both connoisseurs and enthusiasts. To help you make the most of your Sardinian wine experience, we've curated a list of the best vineyard tours that promise exceptional tastings, breathtaking views, and an immersive journey into the world of Sardinian viticulture.

1. Sella & Mosca Location: Alghero Sella & Mosca stands as one of Sardinia's most renowned wineries, boasting over a century of winemaking excellence. Set against the backdrop of expansive vineyards and lush gardens, their guided tours offer insight into the history of the estate, its sustainable practices, and an extensive range of wines. With exquisite Vermentino and Cannonau wines, Sella & Mosca invites you to experience the art of wine-making in a spectacular setting.

2. Surrau Location: Arzachena Surrau is a gem nestled among the granite hills of northern Sardinia. The estate's vineyard tours take you through their modern winery and traditional cellars, where you'll learn about their meticulous winemaking process. The guided tastings showcase their signature wines, from elegant Vermentino to robust Cannonau, offering a sensory journey that captures the essence of Sardinia's terroir.

3. Cantina Argiolas Location: Serdiana Cantina Argiolas is a family-owned winery with a legacy dating back to the early 20th century. Their vineyard tours offer a glimpse into the art of producing some of Sardinia's most celebrated wines. From the beloved Vermentino "Costamolino" to the iconic red "Turriga," each tasting unveils a palette of flavors that reflect the dedication and expertise passed down through generations.

4. Siddura Location: Luogosanto Set in the heart of the Gallura region, Siddura welcomes visitors to explore their vineyards and contemporary winery. Guided tours provide insights into their sustainable farming practices and modern wine-making techniques. The tastings highlight their collection of elegant wines, which include both indigenous and international grape varieties.

5. Tenute Olbios Location: Tempio Pausania Tenute Olbios offers a boutique wine experience in the scenic hills of Tempio Pausania. Their guided tours lead you through picturesque vineyards and a charming cellar, where you'll discover the magic behind their Vermentino and red wines. With a focus on quality and tradition, Tenute Olbios provides an intimate glimpse into Sardinia's vinicultural heritage.

6. Vigne Surrau Location: Arzachena Vigne Surrau invites you to explore their vineyards nestled between the sea and the mountains. The estate's tours offer a journey into their organic and biodynamic practices, followed by tastings of their elegant wines. From classic Vermentino to sophisticated Cannonau, Vigne Surrau's offerings capture the essence of Sardinia's diverse terroirs.

7. Argiola Location: Serdiana Argiola, a boutique winery with a deep-rooted history, welcomes guests to discover its cellars and taste its iconic wines. The guided tours showcase their commitment to indigenous grape varieties, from the fresh Vermentino to the complex Cannonau "Costera." Argiola's blend of tradition and innovation is reflected in every sip.

Whether you're a wine aficionado seeking complexity or a curious traveler eager to explore new flavors, Sardinia's vineyard tours offer an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in the island's vinicultural treasures. With breathtaking landscapes, expert-guided tastings, and a genuine connection to Sardinian heritage, these vineyard tours promise an experience that will linger in your memory and on your palate.

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